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“It is significant to realize that the most creative environments in our society are not the ever-changing ones. The artist’s studio, the researcher’s laboratory, the scholar’s library are each deliberately kept simple so as to support the complexities of the work-in-progress. They are deliberately kept predictable so the unpredictable can happen.” Calkins, 1983

Reading Workshop is a framework for organizing reading instruction that has at its heart the belief that in order for students to become lifelong, proficient readers, they must be active participants in their own learning. Students who learn in a Reading Workshop understand that reading is all about understanding.

Essential components of a reading workshop include:

  • creating a literate environment
  • reading aloud as the foundation of the reading workshop
  • meaningful discussions
  • significant units of study
  • explicit lessons in comprehension
  • literacy assessment

“Time to read, choice in what one reads, and response to one’s efforts are the foundations of the reading workshop.” Nancie Atwell (1998)

Reading Workshop Resources: