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Interventions: Writing


After looking at a student’s writing sample, choose an area below to begin writing interventions. In general, it’s best to start in one area with interventions and, when those are successful, slowly add other intervention areas as needed.  

Composition/Organization of writing

Before deciding on any interventions below, first compare the student’s writing to his/her oral language. If they match (i.e. the student is writing the same way he talks) then consult your Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) for possible language interventions. It is very rare for a student to be able to write better than he speaks. If, however, his ability to compose thoughts, sentences, and stories orally is much better than his ability to write these thoughts and stories, then try one of the following interventions:   Encoding/Spelling

Fine Motor

Oftentimes a student who has difficulty with writing composition also may have difficulties with forming letters. If you feel this is the case, consult your OT for possible interventions.  

Progress Monitoring Writing

NEW Tools! The following progress monitoring tools were created by Hall County teachers for specific composition interventions: Progress monitoring for writing will be very specific to the intervention you’ve chosen. It’s best to progress monitor the student’s ability to apply the skill within the context of an actual writing task. Begin by taking a baseline: ask her to write a story with no help from you and count the targeted skill. So, for instance, if the student needs help composing and organizing her writing, then you might count the number of sentences the student wrote that remain on topic and follow in sequential order. If the skill is spelling then you might count the number of correctly spelled words. To progress monitor over time, periodically ask the child to write on her own without adult help and count the targeted skill. Tier 2 students should be monitored every 2 weeks and Tier 3 students every week. See the sample RTI B2 form on the sidebar for examples.